Don't stay sitting on your hands,
the end of the world is near!

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We creates simple, clean and
modern content for the word-wide web.

w2k is a creative web agency based in Udine.

We shape our services and solutions to fit the way work and need. Specialized in advanced web services including web design, web development as well as software & app development.

Our team isn't afraid of anything,
less than the end of the world.

Who We Are

After almost twenty years of creative experience, we have put together a professional team of graphic and web-designers, front-end developers, Facebook and WordPress specialists & App developers.

As an creative web agency, we worked for many different industries. By teaming up with us, we can provide the answers to all your digital needs. By combining experience, professionalism, and strong strategies with endless amounts of creativity, we are the one-stop partner for all your digital needs.

Once you have partnered-up with us, you don't have to go look around for another supplier anymore.

Choose our long experience and get the offer as you need with our extensive selection of interactive services. You'll love us!

Please take a time for contact us and shoot the breeze together about How we can help your company.

What We Do

We focus on the details when it comes to designing and building for the web and mobile applications. We consider every aspect of a project to achieve not just something that looks beautiful, but actually works and achieves its purpose.

Our Skill Area

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Search and Social

Which technologies we use?

Only the end result matter. Each project has a goal and the shortest way to reach it is a straight line.

We apologize, but we don't know the dark side. Try to contact another agency for this.

Contact Us

Office Address:

via Cicogna 32
33100 Udine, UD – ITA


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